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Bros. Landreth Joey Signature Rock Slide Shiny Brass Guitar Slide


Image of Bros. Landreth Joey Signature Rock Slide Shiny Brass Guitar Slide

The Bros Landreth may be a relatively new band but their lastest work has taken the blues rock world by storm. Their mixture of blues, country, rock and pop give them a unique sound that no one has ever really gotten close to before. One of the things that gives them their sound is the amount of slide playing guitarist Joey Landreth does and the tone he gets. While his amp and guitar are obviously a huge part of his sound but so is his signature small slide from the guys at Rockslide.

Based On Classic

Joey's slide is essentially a longer version of Rockslide's small brass slide which had massive flexability in touch and tone but didn't really fit across an entire neck comfortably. By extending it from 1 3/4" to 2 3/8" you get a bit of extra range and also a bit of extra weight letting you get a bit more grit out of the sound when needed.

History Of Rockslide

These guys have been making slides in the USA using top of the range CNC machinery since 1999! They were the original inventors of the internally tapered slide which has been very popular with all kinds of blues, rock and country artists.

Ergonomic Design

It is not just the internal taper that makes this slide great. They have also cut away a portion near the back of the slide for your knuckle to allow for better movement as well as a small carveout on the sides to allow better location of your other fingers. All of these come together to make a slide that is not only comfier to use but also a lot more controllable.


Small Rock Slides® are the sports car of the slide world, very light weight and extremely fast. Ideal for the guitarist who needs to play chords but wants to throw in pinky slide chops. It also works well on the ring finger of many women.
17.5mm I.D. USA Ring size 6-7.

Medium Rock Slides® are a perfect weight for most styles, heavy enough for long sustain on acoustic guitars, but light enough to easily control for fast electric playing. 19.5mm I.D. USA Ring size 8-10.

Large Rock Slides® are one of the heaviest on the scene. This makes for killer sustain on the thickest of string gauges and a down-right dark sound. 21.5mm I.D. USA Ring size 11-12

Extra Lg Rock Slide 22.5mm ID

Here's what Rockslide say about the Joey Landreth Slide

We met Ariel Posen and Joey Landreth through our website where they started out as customers. Joey eventually sent us a copy of their album "Let it Lie". When we listened to it we were floored by 4 part vocal harmonies, acoustic, dobro, and straight up rock with a hint of country. It's no wonder they are Juno Award winners and touring internationally. Over the years, we have become friends and recently developed a signature slide for each of them.